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Thanking of YouTM Crafting Your Story

Rule One  Don't sweat it; just say it. 

Need professional guidance?  Have at it, then listen to your inner voice:   

Headline  Sum up the main point, newspaper style (examples): 
"Stranger saved Dad's life, family eternally grateful." 
"Sailor's quick thinking changed the fate of his shipmates at Pearl Harbor." 
"Teacher's encouraging words ring loud and clear decades later."

Headlines will appear on Home page and in search results.

First sentence  Think catchy but sincere.  This is a good opportunity to say a lot right up front, kind of like you would with a headline (example): 
"Your kind words that day changed my entire outlook--on the day, on the week, on life itself."
An intriguing first sentence not only draws a reader closer to the situation but also creates momentum for the writer.  The rest of the story rolls out more easily with such a push from the start.

Who  Who was this person or group to you?  Was it a foster family?  A mentor?  A compassionate friend?

What, Where, When  Add the details (examples): 
"You took me in as a teen, at a time when I was sure that no one would ever care for me the way a loving family could."  
"You saw potential and integrity in me; you knew how to bring it to the surface and you took time out of every week to help me develop my innate gifts there in your grand studio."  
"Your non-judgemental heart heard every word I said during the most difficult time of my life.  You stood behind me as I worked it out with the courage and persistance that you reminded me I possessed."

Why  Why did it matter to you; what difference did it make in your life?  Example:
"Beacuse I felt accepted I turned from the negative behavior with which I'd been sabotaging myself and I aspired to fit in to the special place you held for me within a productive, loving family."

How  How have you and/or how will you carry on in a similar manner, hoping to make a difference each day in the lives of those with whom you interact?  Example:
"I've experienced the difference between feeling alone in the world and feeling supported by parents, siblings and relatives.  My husband and I have opened our own hearts and homes to children in need and the rewards are endless for all of us." 
"I observe others with an eye for talent, looking for their special qualities and being sure to comment on their unique gifts and characteristics." 
I've become a better listener, therefore a better husband, father, boss and friend." 

Last sentence  Think catchy, but sincere, again.  Leave the recipient of your Thank You with a lasting gift.  Example:
"You saved my life and changed the course for generations of kids who will have been given the tools to survive, to thrive, to love themselves, to love their own." 

Closing  You choose whether or not to write your name.  Either way a reader may attempt to connect with you by clicking the Invite the author link.

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