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Contact: Nora Firestone, 757-496-2527 or 705-7174

May 4, 2011

Local Mom's Mother's Day Recommendation: Show Mom Your Most Awe-full Attitude

The team at Virginia Beach-based ThankingOfYou.com, the Web-based forum for posting and receiving stories of gratitude (messages of thanks) for the people who've made a difference in our lives, suggests that the way to Mom's heart this Mother's Day is by showing her your most "awe"-full attitude.

That's an attitude expressing "awe," said Nora Firestone, founder and mother of three.  And it can be done easily, any time, in written or video form, detailing just how Mom, or someone who's assumed the role, has had a lasting, positive impact on the lives of her loved ones.

 "It's a gift that's one-of-a-kind, completely free to give, and will likely go a long way to making Mom feel appreciated any day she revisits it," she noted.   

"Typically moms and dads realize, at some point, that it might be years or decades before the children they've loved, nurtured and guided understand the real value and benefits of their parents' efforts," Firestone said.  "But it's never too soon or too late for children to start detailing the recognition of those efforts and how their parents' positive actions have helped to shape them.

"Naturally," she added, "the effects of a parent's care expand and mature over time, enabling those initial 'gifts' to be opened anew, again and again, as they become newly relevant over the stages of a lifetime.  The many advantages to posting a message of thanks in this central public forum include the ability to edit and add to a message at whim and that friends and extended family will also be able to discover how the recipient has impacted the lives of others in ways they may have otherwise never known."

Posting a story of gratitude--or message of thanks--is like giving a gift of a lifetime, Firestone proposes. "It's one-of-a-kind, completely free to give, and will likely go a long way to making Mom feel appreciated any day she revisits it," she noted.  "These are the heartfelt, life-affirming testimonials that the time, effort and care that one has freely given to another has indeed made a difference.  Details about when, how and to whom offer great affirmation and insights to a recipient.  A story of gratitude posted at ThankingOfYou.com can in fact enhance a person's sense of life's purpose--or offer a preview of a legacy, if you will."

Stories of gratitude may be posted to anyone, even strangers, by logging on to http://www.thankingofyou.com/.  The site is free and easy to navigate; the team at ThankingOfYou.com will also promote the letters and videos via social media.  Anyone may search for messages posted to them via a "Story Search" of their name, event or other details that might relate to such messages.


Founded in early 2008 and launched in '09, ThankingOfYou.com was inspired by Nora Firestone's longtime desire and unsuccessful search to thank two elementary school teachers from Plainedge, Long Island for the "little things" they'd said or done decades ago that left a lasting, positive impact on her as she grew.  Firestone recognized the universal need for grateful people to express their gratitude and for those who've made a difference to discover when , how, to whom and why it mattered.  Nora Firestone is available for interviews and information.  You may contact her at 757-496-2527 or 705-7174.



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