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July 25, 2011                                                                    Media Contacts

                                                                                           Nora Firestone: 705-7174

                                                                                           Jacquie Whitt: 428-7534; 714-6649 



Virginia Beach-based ThankingOfYou.com urges folks whose lives have been positively impacted by local nonprofits to come out to Virginia Beach Friends School's "More Fun than Anyone Should Have at a Blood Drive" event Friday and thank those organizations on video tape for making a difference.


ThankingOfYou.com is the Web-based forum for posting and receiving stories of gratitude (messages of thanks) for the people who've made a difference in our lives.  Founder Nora Firestone, a local freelance newspaper reporter, believes that it's the deep sense and the expressions of gratitude that inspire charitable individuals and entire movements of positivity worldwide and naturally fuel the growth and continuum of their efforts.


"Typically," Firestone said, "it's not money that motivates staff and volunteers of nonprofit organizations.  Instead, it's the desire to be making a difference in the lives of others. 


"The heartfelt expressions of gratitude, which detail when, how and to whom they've had a lasting, positive impact and why it mattered, go a long way to affirming that sense of life's purpose and toward recharging the internal drive of someone who might otherwise feel unappreciated, unsure of the affects of their contributions or at a loss for direction.  For nonprofits, recharging that drive means fueling the continuation of important work and furthering the impacts of acts that transform lives.  In line with the perpetual nature of gratitude, those whose lives have been transformed are then often inspired to honor that gift by acting with goodness to benefit others.  That's one example of my longtime proposal that ‘gratitude is the most sustainable and renewable of all human resources.'"


Firestone joins Friends School's efforts to support the Red Cross' "critical appeal" for blood, as the Red Cross' regional chapter, which supplies blood products to all hospitals throughout Hampton Roads for trauma victims, chemotherapy patients, people headed to surgery and others, has seen fewer donations this May/June period than it has in 12 years.  The number one reason people don't donate?  They weren't asked, according to the Red Cross.  Firestone asks folks not to assume that someone else is filling the need-another reason people don't donate-but to instead grab a friend or family member and donate together.  The process, from registration to post-donation resting, takes about an hour.


The "More Fun than Anyone Should Have at a Blood Drive," happening from 11:30 until 4:30 this Friday, July 29 at 1537 Laskin Road in Virginia Beach, will include children's activities; Virginia Beach S.P.C.A. pet food drive and animals on-site, featuring Virginian-Pilot nature reporter Mary Reid Barrow from 2:00 until 4:00; a magic show by Rob Westcott; Teacher Bobby the African gray parrot's birthday party and cake; free chair massages for adults; prizes; and more.  Friends School staff will be on-hand for an informal preview of the school's unique academic, arts and cultural programs for anyone looking into private education for local and international students in the coming year.


Pre-registration for blood donations is preferred; walk-ins are also welcome.  For details about the entire event visit www.friends-school.org or contact organizer Jacquie Whitt at 428-7534 or Nora Firestone through www.ThankingOfYou.com


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